Exercise With A Purpose


What We Do


we believe...

to achieve the highest levels of performance and wellness one must balance three aspects of his or her life; the physical, the chemical, and the emotional.  It is a delicate balance indeed but when these three components are working together, it fosters an environment for growth and change. This, in and of itself, allows you the opportunity to become the best possible version of yourself.

Our approach to the three dimensional person necessitates the study of the  structural, physiological, and mental aspects of the human experience.

Our Performance Coaches address:

  •  structural needs through a biomechanical lens, informed by the latest research in assessment, functional movement, and strength and conditioning,
  • physiological wellbeing using a first-of-it's-kind behaviorally informed approach to changing eating patterns and choices,
  • mental training founded on the principles of Dr. Leming's "Power of Attention" which introduces the concept of mindful living.

Exercise With a Purpose specializes on meeting people where they are, with full consideration of culture, personal history and individual psychology.

We don't train, we inspire, educate, and facilitate!

Physical exercise is both an end in itself and a means to a more joyful and productive life
— Dr. August Leming