Exercise With A Purpose
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Johngarret Denise B.S., M.B.A.

Johngarret, a native of Princeton, NJ attended Princeton Day School where he competed on the varsity Ice Hockey team. He went on to graduate from Union College with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and from Southern Methodist University with a Master’s in Business Administration. For the past decade Johngarret has been passionately studying and practicing the work of Dr. Guy Voyer D.O. in the field of Oesteopathy. He is currently enrolled in Dr. Voyer’s Soma Therapy and Soma Trainer programs in the pursuit of his Doctor of Oesteopathy certification. Johngarret specializes in Biomechanics, Anatomy and physiology. He is certified in ELDOA, Myo-fascia stretching and Global posture stretching.  Johngarret uses his education and knowledge from SOMA training and SOMA therapy to assist people of all ages for injury prevention, post clinical rehabilitation and performance training. 

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